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Smart Marketing for Healthcare Providers

The concept is simple: For every dollar you spend on marketing, you should receive more than a dollar in return. It's simple math. And it's simply smart marketing.
Join the hundreds of practices using Microsite Health's all-in-one digital-marketing solution to increase new patient and revenue flow, while generating a positive return on their marketing dollars. To learn a smarter approach to growing your practice, talk with a Success Coach:
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Smart Marketing for Healthcare Providers
Dental Marketing Case Study

Microsite health in action

Nashville dental practice saw its monthly new-patients leads jump from 5 to 200 and enjoyed a 3X return on its marketing budget.

Dr. Steven Park purchased a small dental practice in Brentwood, TN. Within 9 months, Microsite Health's marketing solution was generating more than 200 new-patient leads per month and delivering $3 dollars in new-patient margin for every $1 spent on marketing.

Some companies focus on activities. We focus on results. 
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Ensuring success

You’re supported by a 
dedicated Success Team.

Your Microsite Health solution comes with a Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Advertising Experts, and a Success Coach who will execute your smart strategy designed to drive more qualified patients to your website. We take care of the heavy lifting, including content development, building your website, and creating your advertising campaigns. Your Success Coach will provide you with guidance to improve your new-patient conversion, actively monitor your results and conduct your bi-weekly executive conference call.

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