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We help healthcare providers increase new patients and revenue with an all-in-one digital marketing solution. Most practices experience new patient growth of +50% within 6-12 months and a positive return on their marketing investment by as much as 2-3X.

We've been serving the healthcare industry since 2010 and work with hundreds of practices across the country with an annual client retention rate of 97%. 
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Success Team

Nationwide Team Dedicated to Your Success

All clients work with a dedicated Success Team, which includes a Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Advertising Expert, and Success Coach. Working together, they'll create a website and digital marketing plan to attract strangers who are qualified and in the market, shopping for your services, then convert them into new patients for your practice. With team members across the country, we likely have someone close enough for an in-office visit.

Meet the Leadership Team

Bill Hanekamp

Bill Hanekamp

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Bill is the old one on the team and remembers the world before the internet. He’s responsible for overall marketing strategies and finding opportunities to grow your business.
Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers

Success Teams Manager
Lauren is the newest member of the team and given her devotion to weightlifting, she's also the strongest. Lauren is responsible for managing our dental and medical customers and ensuring their practices continue adding new patients.
Bill Pike

Bill Pike

Executive VP of Business Development
Despite going to Vanderbilt Law School and actually practicing law for a time, no one holds that against him. Bill is responsible for strategic growth and business development tactics including referral partnerships, channel management and direct sales.
Benny McLennan

Benny McLennan

Chief Technology Officer
Yes, that's Korean on the wall. Benny is not only fluent in multiple coding languages, he speaks Korean and Canadian. Benny manages the website builds and is the backup for our claim, "We can build anything. It's just a matter of what's best to build."
Emer Degan

Emer Deegan

Google Ads Manager
Emer is a huge star on the team, but don't just take our word for it. She's officially ranked in the top 3% of Google Adwords Partners globally. This ranking is based on knowledge, service, and most importantly, results.
Lester Galanis

Lester Galanis

Social Media Advertising Manager
Lester is officially the hardest working member of the team who is a non-stop testing machine. Lester manages all the Facebook advertising and will be the first one to tell us when it's time to jump into the Instagram and SnapChat ad waters.
Ashley, Project Manager

Ashley Sarget

Project Manager
Ashley, who's never been considered exactly loquacious, has the perfect skills for managing projects. She quietly soaks in all the details during meetings to ensure even the most complex sites stay on schedule and to plan. And her one-word answers should be considered only the most efficient way of getting things done.
Maryann Logan

Maryann Logan

Website Support Manager
Maryann wins the Most-Patient Person award year-in and year-out. If you have an issue with or question about a web page, chances are she'll be the one who answers your email and handles your request. To connect to ML and her team, click the balloon, Live-Chat icon in the bottom right of every page.

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