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Increase new patient and revenue flow.
We take care of the heavy lifting, including content development, building your website, and creating your advertising campaigns. And we track everything to know which campaigns generate the most revenue more efficiently.
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How It Works
Mobile Website

First, we build YOur Practice a new Website

A Website that Attracts and Converts

We've been building marketing-focused websites for nearly 20 years and have testing and optimized literally thousands. There is indeed a science to how people interact with a website and correct design, structure and content can increase conversion significantly. The wrong design can cost you business.

Then, we market your Practice online

We Focus on Shoppers

Google Ads

Google Ads

When new patient prospects are looking for an immediate solution, i.e., when they're shopping, they use certain “trigger words” to signal their intent. We focus on those “shoppers” who are most likely to convert with an optimal Google Ads campaign.

Social Media Ads

Through social media, we're able to pinpoint your target audience by cross-matching certain logical attributes that identify likely new-patient opportunities, We then monitor their activity on the website to determine their level of interest to re-market to them with more customized advertising.  
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The most important question is not "Is my website ranking on Google." The most important question is "Which keywords should my website target?" Similar to our Google Ads philosophy, there are specific “trigger words” people use to signal the fact they are looking for an immediate solution and willing to buy now or soon. These are the keywords our sites focus on to rank high in an organic search result – or in the Google map.

We Track Everything

Through our advanced, proprietary Lead Tracking software, we're able to determine the source of every visitor and create custom profiles for each prospect. We can then track that person's activity throughout the entire relationship to determine effectively the ROI for your marketing budget. For example, you spent $26K on AdWords in Q1, which generated $58K in treatment revenue.
Success Coaching

Success Coaching Available

Not every practice needs assistance with answering calls and explaining treatments and financing to new patients. But if you're having trouble converting opportunities into patients, we have right the service for you. We coach dental and medical staffs, like treatment coordinators, to be more effective at turning calls from your website into new patients in your chair.  

Use a smarter approach to grow your practice.

Start with a call or instant message to a Success Coach who can provide an immediate assessment to see if Microsite Health can grow your practice.
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